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Sports Injury Prevention

What Causes Sports Injury?

There are approximately 360 joints in the body and it is imperative to make sure they all function correctively to optimize your sports performance. However, with a blunt or repetitive trauma, it can nudge joints out of alignments, create dysfunction and hinder your performance.

Human body is such a fantastic and powerful creature. With Central Nervous System as the director and spine as your back bone and relay center, it is also our goal to make sure your bodily joints are in optimal alignment to maximize your functions and sports performance.

Sports injury can have long lasting negative effective once pain subsides due to biomechanics changes in the joints. This is one of the reason why athletics often re-injure same body parts and feel frustrated even they have healed from the original trauma. It is crucial to restore the proper biomechanics joint through precise adjustment follow by specific rehab exercises for stability and integrity.

Our goal in this is to fix you as quickly as we can thought Gonstead specific adjustment and proper nutrition so you can go back out there and be competitive.

How To Prevent Sports Injury?

Joints need to be in good integrity to avoid injury. In order to do so, they need to have proper nutrition, optimal alignment, stability and flexibility. Bodily joints need proper nutrition and exercises to keep them healthy and strong just like any other organs in the body. The number one nutrition for joints is proper nervous system from the spine. It is essential to clear the spinal misalignment, restore the nerve communication between the brain and joints so they can heal and work better.

Once the spine is clear, then we can restore the alignment and function of particular joints thought adjustments. Next is the precise rehab to strengthen the stability and flexibility and lastly proper nutritional protocol to keep them lubricated so they can last long.

Gonstead Extremity adjustments holds the same principle as the Gonstead method as it is scientific, precise and specific. Dr. Wu DC is Gonstead Advanced Extremity Certified, which is a post doctoral certification program focus on bodily joints issues such as frozen shoulder, sprain ankles, tennis elbows, carpal tunnels, knee issues, nasal septum deviation and more.

Our goal in this is to fix you as quickly as we can thought Gonstead specific adjustment, precise rehab exercises and proper nutrition so you can go back out there and be competitive at your desired level.


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