At ICON Chiropractic, we work with you to provide customized care to achieve a state of well-being for your mind, body and spirit. We facilitate your body's own ability to heal through specific and scientific chiropractic adjustment and nutrition.

We provide benefits to multitude of medical conditions such as: car accident injuries, chronic neck and back pain, herniated discs, migraine headaches, tennis elbow, sciatica, sports injuries and other chronic health conditions.


Our mission is to help you balance your health and achieve a better quality of life. We look for the root cause of the problem. We aim to restore the structural integrity of your spine, reduce pressure on sensitive neurological tissues and improve your health.


When in balance, your body is in a better state to heal quicker. Our focus is on balancing three main aspects of your body: Nervous System, Structure and Nutrition.

Nervous System

The Central Nervous System, which resides within your skull and spine, is the part of a human body that coordinates voluntary and involuntary actions, and transmits signals to and from different parts of your body. These mental impulses of vital energy are also responsible for growth, repair, and healing in your entire body. In order to achieve optimal health and bodily functions, the nerves have to communicate between the brain and body in an environment that’s free of interference. At ICON, we provide both diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to create this environment by giving specific spinal adjustments.


Gonstead practitioners use full spine radiography to analyze your spinal structure for misalignment. The bones in your back fit together so that the nerve supply produced in your brain may filter down your spinal cord and out over your nerves. Misalignment of spinal vertebrae or disks can cause irritation to the nervous system and result in uncomfortable symptoms. At ICON, we strive to get the structures of your spine in the right alignment so that the nerve conduction between your brain and the rest of your body can be transmitted without interference. This enables optimal growth, repair and healing.


What you put in your mouth has a direct relationship to your mental and physical well-being. Foods and supplements provide the energy and nutrients you need to be healthy. Foods are medicine. Anabolic foods enhance your vitality and repair. Catabolic foods burn up more calories than they supply. A poor diet may cause health problems while a healthy diet gives your body a favorable balance of essential nutrients vital for your well-being. At ICON, we do advanced testing to figure out the toxicity level and nutrients deficient within the body and rebalance them to achieve a natural healing environment.

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