Webinar Instructions


We understand that technology may not come easily to seniors who are using new programs. Fortunately, Zoom is one of the easiest programs to use! The following guide is as simplified a walkthrough as we could muster.

Joining a meeting works for any computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you have a camera, which is typically included with every device now, ZOOM will automatically use the right settings.

Below are Step by Step Instructions of how to join our online zoom spinal care class:


Click on Zoom Meeting Link

A ZOOM meeting can be sent to you via email. Sometimes, a person may share a meeting link with you via a calendar invite to your email. Here is what the email looks like. We have blacked out some of the personal information here. Your email may look different if you are using another client like Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook, but the link is the same either way


Click "Join from your browser"

This message will pop up on your browser once you click on the link we provided to you. Click the link “join from your browser”.
To join the meeting, all you need to do is click on the link under “Join Zoom Meeting” and follow the prompts. This method allows you to join the meeting as a guest. When you click the link, a new window will appear saying that ZOOM is launching your meeting. We are going to “Join from browser” to make this much more simple.


Type in your name and click “Join”

After Click "Join", your meeting will load. That’s it! You are now in the ZOOM meeting with no hassle. Check out the guide on the next page for how to use the right buttons.

* If zoom video still doesn't work for you on your computer or you would like to get instructions to setup on your smartphone or tablet, please go to Zoom.com support page for more details (Click here).

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