The lesser known powerful oil – Spearmint Oil

While peppermint oils are popular amount essential oils and culinary worl, a lesser known spearmint oils are equally powerful and profound.  Studies now show that spearmint can “wake up” the brain and boost cognitive function.
The study revealed spearmint leafs contains a group of phenolic compounds called rosmarinic acid, which can improve

  • attention
  • concentration
  • brain function
  • working memory
  • sleep pattern

In the study, the group took spearmint extract increased their attention and concentration measuring by 46% and 121% after 4 hours.  In the same study, the group also showed a 39% improvement on planning abilities[1].

On the different study, the subjects were average 59 years old male with memory impairment but not dementia.  What they found out was subjects were given spearmint extract demonstrated a nearly 3 times improvement on working memory compared to placebo group.  In addition, the same group received spearmint extract also shown better sleep pattern[2].

Editor’s note:
With lots technology gadgets flowing around kids, they are easily distracted and can become very handful when school starts.  One of the easiest and clean way to help them concentrate is to diffuse spearmint oil in the background.  Not only it can help them concentrate and perform better, it also has a sweet and refresh smell which makes everything more pleasant.  Any questions? Drop us a line here so we can get back to you as soon as we can.

Dr. Wu DC


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