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We value our patients' experience at ICON Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Alan Wu

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been a patient of ICON for years now and am always amazed by the work that Dr. Wu does. Recently, I was in a car accident and had issues with my neck and back. As always, he takes the time to fully understand the issues and to determine the best course of treatment. I definitely had immediate release of pain in my neck, and over several weeks of treatments, I feel back to normal! Dr. Wu can take care of all types of ailments such as colds, digestive issues, name it, he can help you! I highly recommend him, and you would too after your first visit!"
    Sue K.
  • "Dr. Alan Wu is the best!!! Decided to visit ICON Chiropractic since I was having hip pain and discomfort. I've had this discomfort for a few years now and finally decided to find a Gonstead chiropractor. BEST DECISION EVER!!! After explaining my situation to Dr. Wu he quickly notice how my body is leaning towards one side and that I was not evenly distributing my body weight to my feet and gave a quick opinion saying my hips aka the base of the body is not properly aligned. After taking x-rays I was certain that I should continue my visits at ICON to properly address my issue.

    Every week I look forward on coming into ICON for an adjustment. Every adjustment that was done I can instantly feel more relaxed in areas that are always tense. Dr. Wu's adjustments are always quick, smooth and painless. I highly recommend coming to ICON Chiropractic and visiting Dr. Wu for an exam if you have any issues with your body."
    Kevin P.
  • "Dr. Wu is amazing! He uses the Gonstead method which is different from regular chiropractors. He helped me with my neck and back pain after a car accident and made me feel so much better. He does personal care and make sure that each person has the bone density needed for the treatment. I have been seeing him for a month now when I feel so much better. I recommend him for any back or body aches because he will help you as much as you can."
    Julie K.
  • "I was experiencing neck and back pain, which caused me to have a headache for a couple weeks. I was referred to ICON Chiropractic by a friend. I scheduled an appointment online and was able to download the appropriate paperwork, which was easy and convenient, so I had everything ready to go when I arrived at the office. The initial consultation included X-rays and eye/strength tests. The next appointment included a thorough evaluation of those tests, which I appreciated. I liked how Dr. Wu not only fully explained everything, but was also able to pinpoint my areas of pain without me having to point them out myself. After my first adjustment, I already felt a difference and my headaches succeeded. I continued on with several sessions and now have full range of motion with my neck - such a relief. The whole team is very friendly and accommodating - highly recommended."
    Mei A.
  • "I sought the help of Dr. Wu after other health practitioners were not able to diagnose my condition. In addition to being a specialist in chiropractics, he's also trained in functional medicine and nutrition. He reviewed my recent lab test results and determined that my problem was not as severe as was thought. Within 90 days, he worked on getting my body back to good health through spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, and quality whole food supplements. My symptoms, which included unexplained weight loss, anxiety, brain fog, sleep issues, and heart palpitations, eventually subsided. Life is so much better when your body is functioning as it was meant to.

    Dr. Wu is always upbeat when I see him. He is enthusiastic about the work he does and the people he treats. In addition, his office manager, Amanda, is always friendly and breaks from her work to chat with you when you arrive for your appointment."
    S. S. L.
  • "Dr. Alan Wu is fantastic. He takes the time needed to find out how you are suffering. He not only provides his service to help you recover but gives you the knowledge to help yourself get out of pain. I would recommend Dr. Wu with confidence to anyone suffering from back pain."
    John M.


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