ICON Campbell 2.0

Out goes the old, In comes the new. ICON Campbell 2.0 is here! 

On Sunday 3/31/2019, the Universe pulled one of the biggest prank on ICON–Campbell to celebrate
April Fool’s – by busting a water pipe in one of the adjusting rooms! It was disastrous to say the
least. The water pipe was galvanized at the faucet junction, creating corrosions and the pipe just
couldn’t sustain the pressure anymore. The water squirted out about 20 minutes before we were able
to shut it off. The aftermath was devastating as half of our office was flooded and damaged. We were
fortunate to keep the door open during the repairing period but damage was already done and caused
major inconvenience for practice members and staff.

What’s even funnier is this is not the first time it happened. Four years ago we also had a water pipe
bust (different one) on the VERY FIRST day we opened ICON Campbell. We had to shut down for 2
weeks for repairing last time, but this time we kept our doors open. Hey, second time is the charm and
we are evolving!

The old saying of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is so true. After 3 weeks of non-stop
blowing of dehumidifiers (hey, free sauna room!), remodeling, and finally here we are, ICON – Campbell
2.0! We got brand new floor (well, half of the office), fresh painted wall, new décor and most important
of all, ready to serve even more practice members!
Come say hi and check out the newly renovated office as we are heading into the second quarter of

Cheers everyone!
Dr. Wu DC