On Guard Blend Oil: Another Way to Boost Immune System, Naturally

Dear readers,

You have heard me raved about essential oils and medicinal benefits they provide.  Here is another one of my favorite which I keep it with me all the time.  This blend oil have been studied for their strong abilities to kill harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses.  This blend can be used neat/dilute on the body, diffused into the air or be used to clean and purify household surfaces.

On Guard Blend Oil!

Topical: Massage throat, stomach, intestine, and bottoms of feet. Dilute one drop in 15 drops of fractionated coconut oil: massage the thymus to stimulate the immune system, and massage under the arms to stimulate thy lymphatic system.  It is best applied to the bottoms of the feet, as it may be caustic to the skin.  Dilute with fractionated coconut oil when used on sensitive/young skin.
Aroma: Diffuse or inhale the aroma directly.

Single oils contained in this blend:
1. Wild Orange: is antibacterial, anti fungal, antidepressant, and antiseptic.  It is a powerful disinfectant and very effective against colds and flu.
2. Clove Bud: is antibacterial, anti fungal, anti infectious, anti parasitic, a strong antiseptic, antiviral, and an immune stimulant.
3. Cinnamon Bark: has very specific purposes: 1) it’s a powerful purifier, 2) its a powerful oxygenator, and 3) it enhances the action and the activity of other oils.  It may have a stimulating and toning effect on the whole body and particularly on the circulatory system.  It’s antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti parasitic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune simulate, sexual stimulant, and warming.
4. Eucalyptus radiata: may have a profound antiviral effect upon the respiratory system.  It also has strong antibacterial, anticatarrhal, and antiseptic properties.
5. Rosemary: may help balance heart function, energize the solar plexus, and reduce mental fatigue.  It may improve circulation and help stimulate the nerves.  It is antiseptic and anti-infectious.

Dr. Wu DC’s comment;

Like I have previously stated, I always keep this one close to me.  I applied when I go places with large crowds such as bart, classes and in planes.  I also apply this oil to my cute little nieces  feet after dilution to enhance their immune system when they go day care or at sleep.  Fall season has been token as the “flu” season, and this is one of the best way to protect you from it.

These sources are from the book called “Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, 5th edition.