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Gonstead Method

Figure 1 Foundation Theory: crooked foundation lead to tiled structure; off-balanced pelvis created side curved spine.

Why Is Dr. Wu Practicing Gonstead Method Exclusively?

Chiropractic as a profession offers a wide range of techniques and specialties. Different approaches lead to different types of patient care and ultimately different expressions of life. So you are probably wondering – Why Gonstead?

The Gonstead technique emphasizes the importance of finding the cause of a problem and not chasing the symptoms. That is the reason why Dr. Gosntead was able to produce results in shorter time frames than most doctors. He understood the importance of the biomechanics of all joints and foundation level principle in conjunction to nervous system regulates everything in the body.

Chiropractic does not cure or treat any diseases but it removes interferences, which then allows the body to function at its optimal level; thereby, healing itself. “The power that made the body heals the body.” Our body has the ability to self-regulate and repairs if we allow it to do so by removing all interferences that includes but are not limited to trauma, poor mental health, and poor nutrition.

That too is a question I challenged my peers and constantly ask myself to make sure I am delivering that best patient care that I can provide for my community. The conclusion I came to is what I call the ‘Gonstead Edge’, this precise methodology which consists of six parts examination: patient history, visualization, static palpation, motion palpation, nervoscope, and x-ray. To me, there’s a palpable difference in clarity and quality when using the Gonstead Technique for my patients. It is grounded in philosophy, science and art (what we sometimes call the Chiropractic Triune) as it’s founder Dr. Clarence Gonstead developed this technique was deeply rooted in all three.


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