2020 October Newsletter


The Icon Chiropractic team has decided to increase the office hours to better serve our community.


THANK YOU all for being great patients and allowing Icon Chiropractic to be there for your path to wellness. You have been putting in the work to stay healthy and optimistic through these difficult times. Please continue to share your stories with the world. We encourage all to leave a comment on our new testimonial wall as you move forward. Check out the short patient appreciation video above.


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In-office response to the Coronavirus and flu season

In-office response to the Coronavirus and flu season

We want to create a healthy and safe environment for all of our patients.

In response to the virus and flu season, we have Hand Sanitizer within our office.

We have Tea tree oil, On Guard, and Lemon essential oil running in our diffuser ALL day to help Disinfect Air for you. We sanitize all Door Knobs every hour and we sanitize the entire office every day even our floors.

The WAVE Chiropractic Conference

August was hot, fun and educational indeed!

“Wave”, not your typical kind of ocean wave, but the knowledge wave that is.  Last month, one of the esteemed chiropractic school, Life Chiropractic College West, hosted one of the year’s biggest Chiropractic summit in Oakland, CA.   They do this every year to gather the brightest chiropractic minds and technologies to one place for us to learn and grow.  It is a treat to attend these seminars because I always learned a lot and walked away with multiple pearls to enhance patients healing in the office. 

This year we had multiple chiropractic giants speakers such as Dr. Dan Murphy DC, chiropractic neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick DC, Emmy award producer Del Bigtree and world-renowned endurance athletes Colin O’Brady to name a few.  For the complete lineup, please click the link  https://www.lifewestwave.com/speakers/.

They were all inspiring and passionate, just a wonderful place to get recharge and refuel the purpose of why we do what we do. 

While all of them were tremendous speakers, one speaker really got my undivided attention.  Dr. Heidi Haavik, a PhD in human neurophysiology and Director of Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, is definitely something else.  Perhaps due to my molecular cellular molecular biology background, I am particularly keen on the science she presented.  Dr. Haavik’s focus is on how chiropractic adjustment affects the brain, specifically the pre-frontal cortex a.k.a the brain’s conductor.  The pre-frontal cortex, which coordinates body’s immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, decision-making ability, emotional regulation and much more, is a part of the brain that should always be working at the most optimized level.  By using the Somatosensory Excited Potentials (SEPs) technology, it clearly showed the profound effect of the chiropractic adjustment to the prefrontal cortex.  

Dr. Havvik’s has published multiple studies in medical journals with contents such as chiropractic and fall prevention in the elderly population, in stroke patients, enhance the performance ability in athletes, and bite forces in health individual just to name a few. 

I took as many notes as I could and put together a presentation for our practice members.  The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 11/6/2019 7:00 pm at our Campbell office.

Come join us and learn more about how you can optimize your brain and health naturally through chiropractic care!

New tool introduced in ICON!

As part of the ICON Chiropractic Center core principle, we constantly evolve and strive for better technology to enhance the healing process for our practice members.  True to our words, ICON Chiropractic recently purchased a brand new diagnostic tool, Myovision, as part of the assessment for quantifying patient care outcome.  Myovision, a FDA class 2 diagnostic tool, is a handheld scanner that is designed to measure electric activities in skeletal muscle.  The science behind Myovision is based on dysfunctional joints in the spine would lead to inappropriate muscle firing, which in turn cause asymmetrical muscle pattern.  In addition to the muscle balance, it also calculated the Electrophysiological (EP) score to determine the total muscle activity. Elevated EP Stress Score readings on a first exam are associated with the acute state of subluxation and/or spinal health.

And that’s not it!  With the additional upgrade of the Myovision to Dynarom, ICON Chiro center has the capacity to track the range of motion (R.O.M.) in all joints.  With this technology, we can quantify the numerical measurement of joints R.O.M. DIGITALLY. In ICON Chiro, we always emphasize function more than pain (because pain is very subjective and function is not) and this is exactly how we going to objectively measure it. 

Along with digital X-ray and nervoscope, we now have one more tool to assess the outcome of the care.  We are very excited of this new addition and cannot wait to see how this will enhance your healing journey in our office.

Benjamin Franklin said it right: “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

I always remembered the day I went to see my dentist 5 years ago when I had an extremely painful toothache on my left lower side.  The pain was on and off for 6 months and I never wanted to get it checked because I told myself the pain would eventually go away.  Well, it went away alright, along with my whole tooth.  The dentist told me the cavity has gone so deep that even a root canal wouldn’t be able to saved it.  He had to extract the tooth, plant an implant and put a crown on it, and the whole procedure had cost me close to $6000. He left me with a few words which I would never forget: had you been flossing everyday for preventative measurement, then we wouldn’t had to take that tooth out. 

When it comes down to health, prevention is really the key.  In the United Stated, our main stream healthcare has always been focusing on active cares (aka sick cares) such as cure and treatment.  While it is important to know what to do when things are happening, but wouldn’t it be easier to know how to avoid it in the first place?

In ICON Chiropractic Center, we firmly embrace the paradigm of prevention first and have branched out to 6 elements:

  1. Posture well
  2. Eat well
  3. Think well
  4. Move well
  5. Rest well
  6. Adjust well

Numbers 1 to 5 is self-explanatory and No. 6 is what needs elaboration. 

The Central Nervous System (CNS) control and coordinate every single system, organ and cell in the body.  It regulates how we sleep, move, eat, repair to just name a few.  It really is the master system of all and it resides INSIDE the spine. In other words, the spine holds the key to your optimal health and has to be subluxation (misalignment) free.  This is why we always educate our practice member to incorporate chiropractic care as part of their lifestyle after the pain has been alleviated because it is an essential piece to the health puzzle. 

Subluxation free spine = healthy nervous system = optimal health. 

It is our sincere wish that we have driven this important message to you. 

Finally, as a way to continue spread and reinforce our messages to our office members and community, we have re-done our waiting room wall and put our vision and mission statements on there as a constant reminder of why ICON chiropractic exit in the first place. 

Office Update

Office Update

April has been an interesting month, to say the least.  On top of the water pipe damage which led to an “unintentional” office upgraded, I have finally decided to take on the tall task of sitting in the Gonstead Diplomate test after 12 years of chiropractic journey.  The majority of the practice members know I practice a unique kind of chiropractic method called the Gonstead technique, which is meticulous full spine analysis with specific adjustment hence delivered the profound results.    I connected with the Gonstead technique since the first quarter of school and have been deeply involved since then.  I was the Gonstead club president from 2009-2010 in Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles and was president in 2010-2011 in Life Chiropractic College West.  After graduated from Life West, I am still involved with the Life West Gonstead club as a guest lecture for workshops and seminars.  

Gonstead diplomate, which is a status program provides a structure whereby any chiropractor can progressively develop and refine their competency in the analysis, adjusting, and management of the chiropractic patient, as developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead.  In order to qualify for this 2 days testing, doctors have to practice Gonstead more than 3 years and have attended more than 230+ Gonstead continued education.  It is not an easy test as candidates have to study a wealth of comprehensive materials, x-ray analysis, case management, and specific Gonstead adjustment.  I took the test on 4-27-19 and passed with flying colors, woohoo!  Although this is not the pinnacle of the career but definitely an excellent news worth to celebrate.  So next time when you see me, please don’t get weird out by the big smile on my face.  There is now 71 registered Gonstead Diplomates in the Gonstead Clinical Study Society.  You can get more information on this topic at  https://gonstead.com/fellows-diplomates/.

Office fee updated:

Please see the following new pricing fee starting effectively on July 1st, 2019:

Campbell office: 
Initial Chiropractic Examination with x ray: $299
Gonstead specific spine adjustment: $85
Gonstead specific extremity adjustment: $29
Full Spine x ray: $250
Extremity x ray per section: $60
Functional nutritional consultation: $250
Functional nutritional follow up: $40

SF office:
Initial Chiropractic Examination WITHOUT x ray: $199
Gonstead Specific spine adjustment: $75
Gonstead specific extremity adjustment: $29
Functional Nutritional Consultation: $250
Functional nutritional follow up: $40
Functional nutritional follow up: $40

Keep learning, keep advancing, and keep striving. 

ICON Campbell 2.0

Out goes the old, In comes the new. ICON Campbell 2.0 is here! 

On Sunday 3/31/2019, the Universe pulled one of the biggest prank on ICON–Campbell to celebrate
April Fool’s – by busting a water pipe in one of the adjusting rooms! It was disastrous to say the
least. The water pipe was galvanized at the faucet junction, creating corrosions and the pipe just
couldn’t sustain the pressure anymore. The water squirted out about 20 minutes before we were able
to shut it off. The aftermath was devastating as half of our office was flooded and damaged. We were
fortunate to keep the door open during the repairing period but damage was already done and caused
major inconvenience for practice members and staff.

What’s even funnier is this is not the first time it happened. Four years ago we also had a water pipe
bust (different one) on the VERY FIRST day we opened ICON Campbell. We had to shut down for 2
weeks for repairing last time, but this time we kept our doors open. Hey, second time is the charm and
we are evolving!

The old saying of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is so true. After 3 weeks of non-stop
blowing of dehumidifiers (hey, free sauna room!), remodeling, and finally here we are, ICON – Campbell
2.0! We got brand new floor (well, half of the office), fresh painted wall, new décor and most important
of all, ready to serve even more practice members!
Come say hi and check out the newly renovated office as we are heading into the second quarter of

Cheers everyone!
Dr. Wu DC