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April has been an interesting month, to say the least.  On top of the water pipe damage which led to an “unintentional” office upgraded, I have finally decided to take on the tall task of sitting in the Gonstead Diplomate test after 12 years of chiropractic journey.  The majority of the practice members know I practice a unique kind of chiropractic method called the Gonstead technique, which is meticulous full spine analysis with specific adjustment hence delivered the profound results.    I connected with the Gonstead technique since the first quarter of school and have been deeply involved since then.  I was the Gonstead club president from 2009-2010 in Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles and was president in 2010-2011 in Life Chiropractic College West.  After graduated from Life West, I am still involved with the Life West Gonstead club as a guest lecture for workshops and seminars.  

Gonstead diplomate, which is a status program provides a structure whereby any chiropractor can progressively develop and refine their competency in the analysis, adjusting, and management of the chiropractic patient, as developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead.  In order to qualify for this 2 days testing, doctors have to practice Gonstead more than 3 years and have attended more than 230+ Gonstead continued education.  It is not an easy test as candidates have to study a wealth of comprehensive materials, x-ray analysis, case management, and specific Gonstead adjustment.  I took the test on 4-27-19 and passed with flying colors, woohoo!  Although this is not the pinnacle of the career but definitely an excellent news worth to celebrate.  So next time when you see me, please don’t get weird out by the big smile on my face.  There is now 71 registered Gonstead Diplomates in the Gonstead Clinical Study Society.  You can get more information on this topic at

Office fee updated:

Please see the following new pricing fee starting effectively on July 1st, 2019:

Campbell office: 
Initial Chiropractic Examination with x ray: $299
Gonstead specific spine adjustment: $85
Gonstead specific extremity adjustment: $29
Full Spine x ray: $250
Extremity x ray per section: $60
Functional nutritional consultation: $250
Functional nutritional follow up: $40

SF office:
Initial Chiropractic Examination WITHOUT x ray: $199
Gonstead Specific spine adjustment: $75
Gonstead specific extremity adjustment: $29
Functional Nutritional Consultation: $250
Functional nutritional follow up: $40
Functional nutritional follow up: $40

Keep learning, keep advancing, and keep striving. 

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